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Inspiration and Success in the Launch of the May Issue of American Dream Magazine

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“The American Dream is not that every man is like every other man. The American Dream is that every man be free to become what God intends him to become.”

— Ronald Reagan

Celebrating Human Potential at Dell Anno

Inspiration and Success. “The American Dream Magazine launch event at Dell Anno was a powerful celebration of human potential, where dreams materialized, connections strengthened and inspirations came to life. It was a powerful reminder that, when we come together in search of success, we are capable of achieving greatness beyond our expectations.” — Edivaldo A Fontes

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Captivating Environment

The Dell Anno studio has been transformed into a sophisticated and fascinating environment to welcome guests. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, like Mark Morais Law Firm, RCN Florida, Verge Business Group, Vital air conditioning solutions, Luiz Piquet Business Consulting, Fastech Club, Gregory Scerb Financial Planner, Of the year, Picanha Brasil Steakhouse, My Long Life Acupuncture e VLM Press, the decoration created a stunning setting for the star of the edition, Carolina Brazil, a renowned film producer. The special touch of snacks gently prepared by Sapori Gourmet, that brought a touch of refinement with Mediterranean delights, and Sagrado Café, with delicacies of varied flavors with mouth-watering cheeses and sweets. The evening was led by the mastery and expertise of Edivaldo A Fontes, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of VLM Press, the publisher responsible for the production and publication of American Dream magazine.

  • American Dream Magazine May 2023 Business Networking and Launch

Captivating Environment

American Dream Magazine - May launch at Dell Anno - Henri Cardim

A team from Dell Anno, led by Mr. Henri Cardim, provided exceptional hospitality, ensuring each guest felt valued and appreciated. The professionalism and dedication of the team, combined with the contributions of sponsors, created a welcoming atmosphere that exceeded all expectations.

A Memorable Night

The launch of American Dream Magazine at Dell Anno went beyond expectations, leaving a lasting mark on gifts. Entrepreneurs and visionaries came together, making connections and sharing excitement for the future. It was a night full of inspiration, motivation and the realization that dreams can be achieved.

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Carolina Brasil's Inspiring Journey

Carolina Brazil, a successful film producer, stood out as a shining example of triumph against all odds. His presence inspired all the entrepreneurs present, reigniting your belief in the power of the American Dream. Carolina's story, her resilience and passion conveyed a message of limitless possibilities for those who follow their passions with determination.

Future vision

Explore the possibilities

The launch of American Dream Magazine at Dell Anno solidified the partnership between the magazine, Dell Anno and sponsors. With this continued support, We are committed to hosting more notable events and collaborations to drive small business success. In addition to events and the magazine, Our online community offers the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and contribute to business growth and success.

An unforgettable night of inspiration, connection and celebration. We sincerely thank Mr.. Henri Cardim, the Dell Anno team and all sponsors for their unwavering support and commitment to small business growth. We invite you to join us, subscribe to American Dream Magazine, attend our events and be part of our online community. Together, We can turn visions into reality and achieve success. The American Dream is within your reach.

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