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Discover American Dream Magazine, the leading business magazine for immigrants in the United States. Released in 2022 by VLM Press, Our mission is to empower, guide and inspire immigrants to excel as entrepreneurs. We focus on economics, companies and businesses, offering rich and relevant content that addresses the diverse opportunities and challenges in the American market.

What you find at American Dream:

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    Articles and practical solutions aimed at owners and managers of expanding companies.

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    Updated informations about economics, market trends and business opportunities.

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    Inspiring interviews with successful immigrant entrepreneurs, who stand out for their ethics, professionalism and innovation in their fields of activity.

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    Testimonials and success stories who serve as examples and motivation for other immigrants.

Our goal is to help immigrants establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs, contributing significantly to the country's economy. Through guidance, education and stimulation of growth, We seek to turn dreams into reality and promote a positive impact on the immigrant community.

Meet Our Team

Na American Dream, innovation meets expertise. Our team is made up of renowned professionals, each bringing a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a passion for success. We are committed to providing valuable insights, inspiration and ongoing support to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams in the US.

Explore the individual stories and achievements of our team members and discover what drives American Dream Magazine's success to new heights. More than a team, We are a community united by a shared vision: empowering immigrants to be leaders and role models in their fields.

Join us on this exciting journey towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams in America!

Edivaldo A Fontes
Edivaldo A FontesCEO and Editor-In-Chief
Founder and CEO of publishing house VLM Press, Business Consultant, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Marketing Strategies
Christiany Rebelo
Christiany RebeloPublishing Director
Neuropsychologist, Psychoanalyst, Historian and Master in Pastoral Psychology, Publications Director at Editora VLM Press and American Dream magazine.
Dr. Adrian Grieser, DAM
Dr. Adrian Grieser, DAMColumnist
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Alessandra Leme
Alessandra LemeColumnist
Journalist and Marketing Consultant
Carolina Brazil
Carolina BrazilColumnist
Businesswoman, Film Producer and Actress
Ivana Falco
Ivana FalcoColumnist
Professional Micropigmentation Artist and Beautician
Lydia Souza
Lydia SouzaColumnist
Journalist, Writer and author of the book From Idea to Success
Luiz Piquet
Luiz PiquetColumnist
Businessperson, Attorney, Business consultant
Paula Ambrosio
Paula AmbrosioColumnist
Interior Designer at Paula Ambrosio Interior Design
Penha Tavares
Penha TavaresColumnist
Writer and Fashion Businesswoman
Suzana Ramirez
Suzana RamirezBusiness Consultant - Spanish Edition
Business Consultant

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To help our compatriots, American Dream emerges as an indispensable resource in the business scenario, offering Brazilian immigrants a wealth of information and opportunities. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the paths to success both professionally and in business, empowering individuals to make informed decisions that propel them forward.

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