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A Night of Success and Celebration: American Dream Magazine Launch Event

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American Dream Magazine Completes the IV Business Networking and Launch of the September Edition with Tremendous Success

A spectacular launch event. On Tuesday night, 19 September of 2023, American Dream Magazine revealed its long-awaited September issue during a spectacular Business Networking and Launch Cocktail event. The event took place at The Event Center, located at 6101 NW 31st Street, Margate, FL 33063, and was meticulously planned and executed to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Lançamento da Revista American Dream

It is important to highlight that the September issue of American Dream Magazine was launched during the event, leaving a significant milestone for the publication. The organizers ensured that every detail was perfect, from the configuration and decoration of the place, work coordinated by Dr.. Adriano Nunes, Luciano Oliveira, Junior Sousa and Franci Fontes, to catering and entertainment services, offered by businesspeople who participated in business networking. The event celebrated the magazine's latest publication and provided a platform for attendees to network and promote their businesses.

The festivities began at 7pm with a lively happy hour and live music from the talented Marcio Martins. The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm, as representatives from various companies gathered, requiring additional seating to accommodate the presence of attendees beyond that reserved. Despite registration closing a week before the event, the response exceeded initial reservations, reflecting community enthusiasm.

Right away, the Networking section took place, providing a platform for companies to connect and explore possible collaborations. Small business owners expressed satisfaction, describing the event as exceeding their expectations and revitalizing their desire to participate in activities of this nature. The most relevant point for entrepreneurs, in addition to the meticulous organization, it was the right time and space, as well as the public present, that during the first hour, held a series of successful negotiations, expanding the impact of the event.

Entrepreneurs expressed satisfaction, describing the event as exceeding their expectations and revitalizing their desire to participate in activities of this nature.

Crucial Moment of the Event: The reason behind the magazine

At 8pm, as scheduled, the official presentation and launch of the September edition began. The audience was captivated by an engaging video that shed light on the vision behind American Dream Magazine and showcased the esteemed “Champion Editors and Columnists”. Christiany Rebelo, Publication Director of VLM Press and Text Editor of the magazine, gave an inspiring presentation. The magazine proudly introduced two new columnists, Paula Ambrosio, bringing to American Dream a gigantic legacy of experience in business and interior design, and Carolina Brazil, a director and businesswoman with extensive experience in the United States since forming a dance school, business sale and film production. Both passionately demonstrated their commitment to the magazine's vision and unwavering commitment to collaborating with the immigrant community. It was an emotional moment that filled the room with excitement and anticipation for what was to come..

The crucial moment of the night arrived with the presentation by the CEO and Founder of VLM Press, also the Editor-in-Chief of American Dream Magazine. An engaging and motivational video presentation set the tone, generating deafening applause and laughter from the audience. The Founder emphasized the magazine's initial focus on the Brazilian community and the subsequent decision to launch an English version, driven by requests from Americans interested in learning about the magazine's content, mainly the stories of the interviewees. The event reached its peak with the official launch of the Spanish edition and the reveal of the new slogan, “The immigrant business magazine in the United States”, a change from the initial motto, “The business magazine for Brazilians in the United States”.

The September Edition Interviewee

In an exciting time, Edivaldo A Fontes introduced the interviewee on the cover, o Dr. Adriano Nunes, an innovative acupuncturist known for his unique method of facial beautification that integrates oriental medicine and acupuncture. Oh Dr. Nunes expressed gratitude and excitement for being invited to be on the cover of the magazine, captivating the audience. A brief question and answer session followed, allowing those present to gain deeper insights.

The ceremony concluded with applause and a moving performance by the special guest, Marcio Martins, filling the venue with vibrant music. The event undoubtedly marked a triumph, witnessing meticulous planning and celebrating immigrant-driven success within the vibrant American Dream Magazine community.

In retrospect, the Business Networking and Launch event of the September edition incorporated the American Dream – a testimony to the vision, dedication and unity that drive the immigrant community in the United States, elegantly portrayed by American Dream Magazine.

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