Immigration Decision Time

No more waiting, it's time to decide

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Hope and Reason

Decision Time – There are times when hope gives way to reason and action needs to be taken.. The difficult decision to change can no longer be postponed. The signs on the horizon point to a bleak future and delaying this decision may not be the best option.. It's time for action. For the latest events in Brazil, realize-It is clear that the next four years and perhaps other four-year periods will be difficult for those who do not take action and change.

The reform of labor legislation, preventing the dismissal of employees for just cause, property law reform, facilitating land invasion, rural and urban properties for those who have more than one, increasing taxes, restricting freedom of expression, controlling the internet and written media, spoken and television, and so many other things, you realize, belatedly, that you need to change your focus and worry about your future, from your family, pais, children, grandchildren and company.

You know you need to move, step out of your comfort zone and think about changing, before it's too late. That's where we come in to those who live here. America is a country that was made through immigration, and it continues like this to this day. We received a volume of immigrants from South America, central, Europa, Canada and many other countries that are looking for opportunities to resume their lives or save what they built in their countries, while they still can.

If you in Brazil are worried, It is a good sign. It's time to change. Not that the United States doesn't have problems and you will find paradise here. None of that. Here you work and study a lot. I have received it from friends who listened to my lectures when I went to Brazil, for several years and said: Send your children, set up business here, get your immigration visas through our help and understand that we are a country that preserves economic liberalism and needs a workforce.

Few people know that today there are more than 185 types of immigration visas and you will inevitably find one that will suit your case. Furthermore, you have a large number of Brazilian class entities and those from other countries, that will help you to better locate yourself in the country.

Send your children, set up business here, get your immigration visas through our help and understand that we are a country that preserves economic liberalism and needs a workforce.

Opportunities and privileged position await you

For those of us who live in the state of Florida, we feel privileged, as it is currently the third state of the federation, both in population and economy. We have a right-wing republican government, which gives us a competitive advantage over more than half of the 50 states of the union.

You therenda doesn't speak English well, You will inevitably find Spanish easily, second largest language spoken in Florida. Many schools and universities guarantee that you will find the best teaching your children and grandchildren. And if you have a good academic background in Brazil, You can get a license here and even facilitate obtaining a visa. Anyway, this is your moment.

Don't wait passively, thinking that things can

They won't be as bad as they're making them out to be.. See the graph below that shows 10 sectors of the American economy with the highest revenue growth rate (%) In the USA. Furthermore, countless other sectors are understaffed, such as American commercial aviation, to cite just one example.

Ten fastest growing sectors in the United States

Anyway, This magazine was created to show you that change is possible, as long as you stick- take this and change your focus. Don't wait for things to get worse for you then think about changing. It is not recommended that you try a country like Portugal, that although it is a great country, with a great population, friendly but there is no longer a place for Brazilians and other foreigners. Consult those who are returning from there. It's nothing new that Europe is bankrupt. Just read the newspapers, everyone's eyes are on Brazil, whose government

that has now settled there, predicts an uncertain and dark future. Get moving while there's still time, because in the near future it may be too late. Look for us, via WhatsApp or email, we will be happy to serve- it and study the best solution for you, your family, your business and your future that is yet to come.

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